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Email Marketing for Real Estate

ActivePipe is the leading email marketing platform for real estate professionals. Effortlessly automate tailored email to stay in touch with every contact, and unlock the opportunities in your database.

ActivePipe makes your follow up automated, personalized, and unique to each contact's specific interest.

Read more about how ActivePipe works here.

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Hands-free Real Estate Lead Generation with LionDesk and ActivePipe’s integration

ActivePipe automates seamless property journeys that nurture your clients and identify hot leads. With your marketing done in minutes, agents can focus on what they do best - winning listings and selling real estate.

Innovative User-Friendly Tools

  • Drag and drop email editor
  • Integrated property feeds
  • SmartMatch for precise property matches based on contacts’ interest
  • Intent Engine uncovers contacts ready to buy or sell
  • Pre-built Customer Journeys build meaningful relationships
  • RealEsate Content provides persona based articles updated monthly
  • Discovery Surveys uncover intent and cleanse data
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  Benefits of ActivePipe

  • Opportunities delivered right to your inbox
  • Instantly generate home valuation requests
  • Undercover contacts' interests for more engaging calls
  • Drive website traffic
  • Agent level send or send on behalf of agents available
  • Maximize your time and keep overhead low
  • Automatically update contacts with price, open houses, and status for properties they’ve clicked
  • Our integration keeps one source of truth, your LionDesk CRM

Marketing in Minutes

We combine predictive analytics and email automation to provide your contacts with valuable insights on the market, hyperlocal geo-targeted content, and clickable content based on their interests. Automate your marketing and unlock the engagement opportunities hidden in your database. One admin can create and/or send agent branded emails on behalf of agents, making it possible to efficiently scale in house marketing services.

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Upgrade with RealEstate Content

Upgrade and get instant access to 100s of articles expertly written for real estate personas. Not only that, new articles are added every month!

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Powerful Nurture Journeys

Join ActivePipe today and turn contacts into clients with effortless lead nurturing.