HomePrezzo is proud to team up with REINZ to provide members with a template that allows you to create a Local Suburb Guide covering the property market for your suburb or area(s). 

The reports are A4 sized and are designed to be printed out, can be delivered digitally as a PDF, or can be shared as a URL either via SMS, email or within other apps. 

Local Suburb Guides use REINZ data to demonstrate how the property market has performed in the suburb or area(s) you nominate. You can personalise your guides with your own contact details and agency branding, and you can select recent sales. 

The REINZ Local Suburb Guides are part of a broader relationship between REINZ and HomePrezzo that allows REINZ members to turn their data into content that you can share with your clients and prospects. It is part of the REINZ wider strategy to provide members with easy to use digital content to support the marketing and prospecting efforts of members. 

Login to the REINZ stats portal and click on the Suburb Guide button. You can also see some instructions on how to create your reports here.  

You can choose suburbs from anywhere across New Zealand to appear in your guide as long as there is viable data for that suburb. You will however need to create a new Local Suburb Guide or video for each separate suburb.

Yes, you can select the properties you wish to feature for each suburb from the selection provided within HomePrezzo. However, you cannot manually add your own properties at this stage. 

Yes. When you first log in to HomePrezzo you’ll be asked to set up your profile and branding. Upload your agency logo, colours, and details and they will appear in all your reports (and other videos or content created inside HomePrezzo). 

Access the Suburb Guide via the REINZ stats portal here. And click on the Suburb Guide tab.

You can create an unlimited number of suburb guides or videos every month once you have signed up and have a paid account. On the free trial, you can create four suburb guides. 

We recommend refreshing guides or videos on a monthly basis with updated data to reflect any changes in your suburb(s).


The data updates at roughly the same time each month on the tenth working day - the same day REINZ releases its Monthly Property Report. You are welcome to create your report at any point in the month once the data is updated. 

No! As part of this deal, you can also create a Suburb Video with HomePrezzo. Click the Suburb Video button inside HomePrezzo to create one. You can see an example of a Suburb Video here. 

Each Local Suburb Guide has its own URL. You can drive traffic to your Local Suburb Guide landing page and encourage your audience to download their own copy of the report. See how to share your report via social media here.  And see how to use your report in your email marketing here.

Yes! Type any question into the Homeprezzo help centre here to get a step by step guide on how to create the suburb guides and videos. You can also see a demo here. 


The data being used in the Suburb Guides and videos is REINZ data. It is updated monthly from sales data acquired from the New Zealand real estate industry and other external data sources that enrich the dataset. 

Unfortunately, no. It is not possible to remove the watermarks or upload alternative photos at this time. 

If you’re already a HomePrezzo subscriber or have tried us previously with a different data supplier, you can switch your account over to REINZ. To do so, send HomePrezzo an email at support@homeprezzo.com and make sure you include the email address that you were subscribed under.

If you’ve previously been a HomePrezzo subscriber under your current email address, you may find the system won’t let you set up a new account and will ask you instead to login. If you’ve forgotten your password, please click the Forgot Password link on the login window. 

HomePrezzo was acquired by ActivePipe in June this year. The founders of HomePrezzo, Nathan Krisanski and Kylie Davis work in the ActivePipe business and look after HomePrezzo business for the company. 

Yes absolutely! If you include your videos or reports inside your ActivePipe emails, you should see an improvement in open rates and click-throughs on your content. Check out how to do that here.

If you are already an ActivePipe customer, contact your account manager to add Local Suburb Guides to your account. Contact success@activepipe.com

You can also create Suburb Videos and Testimonials within your REINZ HomePrezzo account.  See how you can create a Suburb Video hereAnd see how you can create a great looking Testimonial social media tile here.